Claridge’s Breakfast Hours & Menu

In the charming streets of the city, there is a place that takes the breakfast experience to another level: Claridge’s. With a name reminiscent of the famous Claridge’s Hotel in London, this café stands out for its breakfast service and continues to enchant food enthusiasts. Claridge’s offers not just a place for breakfast but a lifestyle.

Many people inquire about Claridge’s breakfast hours and menu. Since the breakfast service starts quite early, stepping into Claridge’s in the early hours will make you feel like you’re in breakfast paradise.


Claridge’s breakfast menu boasts a richness suitable for every palate. If you prefer a healthy start, it offers light and healthy options such as fresh fruit plates and daily milk.

If you want to kickstart your day with energy, there are quick breakfast options like omelets, scrambled eggs with vegetables, and sausage sandwiches. If you wish to savor a traditional Turkish breakfast, a variety of cheeses, olives, and warm simits will be waiting for you.

However, what sets Claridge’s breakfast apart from others is not just the taste of the dishes but also the experience it provides. The hospitable and professional staff work diligently to offer you a dreamlike breakfast experience. This special place, where every detail is thoughtfully considered, welcomes guests in a relaxing atmosphere.

Claridge’s Breakfast Hours

Located in one of the city’s beautiful corners, Claridge’s stands out as a unique café that offers a breakfast service with a wide range of choices. It not only serves breakfast to its guests but also provides an extraordinary experience.

Claridge’s opens its doors early every day of the week to welcome guests. Claridge’s breakfast hours cover a broad time span, providing flexibility according to guests’ morning routines.

For early risers, it offers an energetic start, while for late risers, it provides a peaceful breakfast opportunity. These breakfast hours demonstrate that Claridge’s caters to the needs of its guests with sensitivity.

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Claridge’s breakfast menu leaves a memorable taste in the mouths of its guests. Essential items like fresh cheeses, olives, and jams, which are indispensable for traditional Turkish breakfast, ensure a delicious start.

In addition, there are various options such as omelets, scrambled eggs, and toasts for those who want to turn breakfast into a feast. For those who prefer a healthy lifestyle, there are options like organic vegetables and freshly squeezed fruit juices. In terms of flavor and variety, Claridge’s stands out as a place where breakfast takes on a new meaning.

Claridge’s goes beyond being a place that offers an exclusive breakfast experience; it welcomes its guests with a warm atmosphere. Its professional and friendly staff make every guest feel special and turn the breakfast experience into an unforgettable one. This unique service approach makes Claridge’s not just a café but also a breakfast destination.

Claridge’s stands out as the jewel of breakfast. With its extensive breakfast hours, delicious and diverse menu options, and warm service philosophy, Claridge’s has become a place where every breakfast lover would want to visit.

DayBreakfast Hours
Monday – Friday6:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Saturday7:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Sunday7:30 AM – 11:30 AM

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Claridge’s Breakfast Menu

Turkey’s breakfast culture is renowned worldwide for its traditional flavors. Among the places that offer these traditional delights, Claridge’s deserves a mention. Claridge’s is a unique place that serves a breakfast prepared with healthy foods.

Claridge’s breakfast menu is filled with a variety of options to satisfy different tastes. For lovers of traditional Turkish breakfast, fresh cheeses, olives, tomatoes, and cucumbers are offered. Additionally, warm simits and pastries like açma are also on the menu.

For those who want to turn breakfast into a feast, there are options like omelets, scrambled eggs with tomatoes and peppers, and sausage and egg dishes. There are also options for those who want a healthy start, such as fresh fruit plates.

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However, what truly makes Claridge’s special is not only the flavors it offers but also the service quality associated with its warm and welcoming atmosphere. The friendly and hospitable staff meticulously cater to the needs of every guest, making the breakfast experience unforgettable.

Claridge’s is not just a café; it’s a place that turns breakfast into an art form. With a wide range of menu options suitable for every palate and a unique atmosphere, Claridge’s breakfast represents the pinnacle of breakfast experiences.

CategoryDescriptionPrice (GBP)
Healthy Start– Fresh Fruit Plate: A selection of seasonal fruits and berries served with a dollop of yogurt and a drizzle of honey.£8.99
– Organic Fruit Plate: A platter of organic fruits, perfect for health-conscious diners. Served with a choice of freshly squeezed fruit juices.£9.99
– Daily Milk: A glass of fresh, cold milk for a classic and refreshing start to your day.£2.99
Energizing Choices– Omelets: Made-to-order omelets with a variety of fillings such as cheese, mushrooms, and peppers. Served with toast or a simit (Turkish bagel).£10.99
– Scrambled Eggs: Fluffy scrambled eggs cooked to perfection, accompanied by crispy bacon or Turkish sucuk.£11.99
– Turkish Breakfast Delights: A spread of traditional Turkish breakfast items, including an assortment of cheeses, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh simits.£12.99
Feast Mode– Sausage and Egg Dishes: Satisfy your appetite with hearty dishes like sausage and egg sandwiches or breakfast burritos.£11.99
– Toast with Various Toppings: Choose from a selection of toast toppings, including jams, spreads, and Nutella.£7.99
– Simit with Sucuk: Enjoy a warm, freshly baked simit (Turkish bagel) with slices of flavorful sucuk (Turkish sausage).£9.99
Beverages– Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juices: Start your day with a burst of freshness. Options include orange juice, grapefruit juice, or a mixed fruit blend.£3.99
– Freshly Ground Coffee: Aromatic and freshly brewed coffee to awaken your senses. Choose from espresso, latte, cappuccino, and more.£3.49 – £4.99
– Tea Selection: Enjoy a calming cup of tea with options like traditional black tea, soothing herbal teas, or green tea.£2.99
– Milkshakes: Indulge in a creamy milkshake with flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.£4.49
– Hot Chocolate: Rich and velvety hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.£3.99

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Daily and Organic Foods

Claridge’s breakfast menu offers a wide range of options to satisfy every palate. For fans of the traditional Turkish breakfast, there are essential items such as various cheeses, olives, and fresh simits, making it an ideal choice for classic breakfast enthusiasts. Additionally, options like organic fruit plates and freshly squeezed fruit juices are available for those who prefer a healthy start.

Claridge’s is committed to using the highest quality and freshest ingredients for its breakfast offerings. Most of the food is sourced daily and produced organically. This makes a significant difference in terms of both flavor and nutritional value. Guests have the opportunity to taste the naturalness and freshness of their food with every bite.

Daily and organic foods are an excellent choice for guests who value health and balanced nutrition. Options like organic vegetables and fresh fruit plates are ideal for those who want to start the day with energy. These foods offer a delicious way to begin the day in a healthy manner.


Breakfast is known as the most nourishing meal of the day, and having a perfect breakfast can positively influence the rest of the day. Claridge’s, located in a special location in the city, stands out as a café that offers breakfast and excels in this regard. However, what truly sets Claridge’s apart is not only the delicious food but also its meticulous approach to beverages.

Claridge’s beverage menu includes a variety of options that complete the breakfast experience. To start your breakfast, you can rejuvenate with freshly squeezed fruit juices. Options like orange juice, grapefruit juice, or mixed fruit juices provide freshness and a burst of vitamins.


For those who love hot beverages, there are freshly ground coffee and various tea options available. Coffee varieties like espresso, latte, and cappuccino allow you to savor the taste of coffee. Additionally, teas such as green tea, black tea, and herbal teas are relaxing choices.

At Claridge’s, beverages are not only delicious but also professionally presented. Guests can feel that their drinks are prepared and served with care. The warm and friendly service approach complements the breakfast experience.

Claridge’s Breakfast Prices

Claridge’s is confident in its breakfast service and offers an unforgettable experience to its guests. Its menu includes essential items of traditional breakfast, such as fresh cheeses, olives, tomatoes, and simits.

Additionally, there are satisfying options like toast with cheese, toast with Turkish sausage, and toast with various toppings. For those who prefer a healthy lifestyle, there are options like freshly squeezed fruit juices. In terms of flavor and variety, Claridge’s stands out as a place where breakfast takes on a new meaning.


Claridge’s not only offers delicious food but also provides a magnificent view while you dine. This allows guests to enjoy breakfast in a different atmosphere. Starting your day early in the morning with such a view refreshes the soul and positively impacts your day.

Considering the flavors, quality, and view, Claridge’s breakfast prices are quite reasonable. Prices may vary depending on the menu options and the type of view, but in general, there are options to suit every budget. Claridge’s not only captures the hearts of breakfast enthusiasts but also offers a wallet-friendly option.

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